Map of our route


7 thoughts on “Map of our route

  1. Hmm Google is only letting me show it as multiple pages as there are too many places marked for one map….will see what I can do x

  2. Should be better now I think. It might look incomplete until you zoom in a bit, or click on the link that says ‘View larger map’. Again, let me know if it doesn’t work, but fingers crossed! xx

  3. Hello! love the map, and the photos – Les will be made up the monkeys fist is on the blog, and glad the plasters are vaguely useful!!

    missing you guys lots,

    sarah x

    • Ciao Xavier! Le voyage a Porto Palo etait genial, avec les vues d’Etna couverte de neige! Apres ca, on a du rester dans le port pendant le mauvais temps et maintenant on reste quelques jours en Malte. J’espere que vous etes contents a Siracuse et que le vent du nord-est n’etait pas trop fort dans le marina. On va suivre aussi votre blog et votre voyage. Bonne navigation!

  4. Hi guys,

    I started having a quick look at your blog…it will take me some time to read it all, you sure will have alot to tell your kids about.
    It looks like the sea, wind, and rain are gonna keep on being rough for the next days to come, even the Lybian refugees are having a hard time arriving to Sicily.
    Please take care, obviuosly this is not the best time of year to travel, but you are brave and hopefully wise to know when to sail off!!!
    Take care. xx Val

    • Hi! We had a good trip to Malta and we’re here for a few days now. It’s Carnival here from tomorrow so I’ll put some more photos up soon! And don’t worry, we’ll make sure we get good forecasts before we head off anywhere…for now the sun is out and we’re enjoying being tourists! Hope all is well with you both. xxx

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