About our trip

We’re planning to set off on Planet sometime during the last weekend of August 2009. Initially, we plan to sail east as far as Dartmouth or Salcombe, then cross the Channel to Alderney or Cherbourg.  We’ll then head further east along the Normandy coast, until we get to the mouth of the Seine at Le Havre.  From there, we’ll take Planet’s mast down and travel down France on the canals, via Paris and Lyon until we reach the Med.  As for the rest of our trip, we’ll take it as it comes, but our plan is to head towards Greece as the weather improves, and eventually to travel home the long way round, via the South of Spain and Portugal.

Percuil River

And that is what we did! We finally returned home in August 2011 after the most amazing two years away. Better start planning the next trip…


5 thoughts on “About our trip

  1. Yeh! What an adventure. It looks superb! I shall folow your trip with excitement. Love you both. xx

  2. I got your web off Lily. The planned trip sounds fantastic and at slow speed even better. Brother Antony was talking to a Heard boat down in Narbonne heading up to Germany!!
    I may be working in the Med for about a year on and off so will follow your progress with interest. Good luck and have a load of fun.

  3. Hi, hope you’re enjoying the warmth of a house! We’re near Martigues now and it’s blimmin freezing. The Mistral keeps blowing up but we’re glad to be back in the water. Navy service are pretty good and cheap if you’re looking to come out at all. Have a safe trip

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