The Last Post

Well here you are. A finished blog! Only about 6 months late… I’ve updated quite a few drafts, tweaked a few bits here and there and added some photos. There are links to any previously unpublished posts at the bottom of this page.

So two years, 35GB of photos, 124,295 words and hundreds of internet cafés and stolen wifi connections later, here it is. The actual last post. Thank you all so much for reading; without the knowledge that people wanted to know what we were up to I doubt I’d ever have had the self-discipline to keep a record of our travels. And I am so very glad I did.

We’ve settled back in to home by now, unpacked all most some of our things and got used to living on dry land again. The other day a dishwasher arrived to replace our old broken one and it struck me that for the first time in two and a half years we don’t have to wash up by hand, so what with that and central heating, washing machines and hot running water, houses do have their uses.

We both miss Planet, but she’s sitting quite happily on a lovely sheltered mooring up the Percuil River and she’s literally five minutes away whenever we want to see her, which is often. We love being back in Portscatho and seeing so much more of our friends and families, but there is also a lovely feeling of coming home every time we step back on Planet. We had a few brilliant sails on her in the autumn and a little jaunt over to Falmouth on Christmas Eve and we’re looking forward to more sailing around home this spring.

In the meantime, Si and I are working on a new project, to build a little boat and go fishing from Portscatho. It’s just an excuse to write another blog really, and you can find that here.

Lots of love to you all, Cat and Si xxxxx

Previously unpublished posts:

Wed 13/10/10 Vliho to Levkas: getting ready to leave Greece

Sat 16/10/10 Levkas to Le Castella: leaving Greece for Italy

Mon 18/10/10 Le Castella to Siracusa: nearly getting struck down by lightning

Fri 26/10/10 Siracusa: getting jobs done on the boat

Sat 04/12/10 Siracusa: day trip to Noto

Mon 13/12/10 Siracusa: the festival of Santa Lucia

Mon 07/02/11 Siracusa: getting Planet out of the water

Thurs 10/02/11 Siracusa: sledging down Mount Etna on Si’s birthday.

Fri 18/02/11 Siracusa: Simon’s parents come to stay and we raid Lidl.

Wed 11/05/11 Gibraltar: driving around the Spanish mountains in a Kia.

Fri 13/05/11 Gibraltar: playing it safe on Friday 13th.

Thurs 30/06/11 Gijón: a bit of Asturian cider….

Sat 02/07/11 Gijón: exploring Asturias with my Mum

Sun 31/07/11 Douarnenez: sea shanties and moules

Mon 01/08/11 Douarnenez to Camaret: the last time…

Tues 02/08/11 Camaret to L’Aberildut: up the Chenal du Four

Wed 03/08/11 L’Aberildut: waiting for the weather to go home

Fri 05/08/11 L’Aberildut to Helford: sailing into Cornwall

Sat 06/08/11 Helford to Percuil: Home Sweet Home!


3 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. Thanks Cat, a good read, enjoyed it.
    Paul, Kev and I are planning this years jaunt on Erin. This time we think we’ll do a non stop sail to Galicia first and then poddle about for a bit. Which port is the nicest, on that bit of the Spanish coast?

    You and Si both well I hope?


  2. Hello Cat and Si.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your voyage(s) and the blog. Both great successes. Best regards
    Charles McGrory

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