Saturday 06/08/11 Durgan to Percuil

We slept so well last night; knowing that we were in a safe anchorage with gold holding, having been here before, and we woke up early, excited to know that in a few hours we’d be home again. After a quick tidy we set off towards Percuil under sail with plenty of time to get there. We’re often late, so our one aim was not miss our own welcome party by oversleeping or leaving too late…so far we were doing alright.

It was Falmouth Classics today, so weren’t the only gaffer leaving the Helford and heading east. We looked back to see another Heard 28 behind us, with a familiar combination of sails. Si’s Dad Martin used to own a Heard 28 called Doris of Mylor, that Si and I sailed and lived on one summer while we were at university. Martin used to run sailing courses and holidays from her and we grew so fond of her we were sad when he came to sell her. Without Doris I doubt we would have ended up getting Planet, so it was fitting when the Heard behind us turned out to be her, out for a sail with her new owners just in time to see us home.

The wind dropped and we motored for a bit to make good time, then sailed again and got Planet ready for her party. We tied together all the courtesy flags from our trip and hoisted them up the port flag halyard, then got out our massive Cornish ensign and put that up the starboard side. Tempting as it was to get out the enormous white ensign and fly it from the main, the proximity of both Falmouth Coastguard and RNAS Culdrose somewhat put us off…

Before long we could see St Mawes castle, then the St Mawes buoy. By this point the breeze had filled in and we were making slightly too good a speed and looking like we might for once be early for something. So we quickly did a couple of turns to slow ourselves down and just after that we caught sight of a little flotilla heading our way!

It was so exciting to see everyone and lovely to be brought home in such style!

Somehow we managed to concentrate enough on what we were doing to keep Planet sailing up the river.

Neither of us mentioned it to each other but we had obviously both decided we wanted to sail her onto anchor, so we kept going through the moorings, bringing the boom in every now and again to avoid boats close together and biting our nails a little bit every time we were close to the gybe and the bowsprit was pointing straight at a shiny white plastic hull.

But Planet had obviously decided too, and behaved herself beautifully right up until we anchored her in the pool of Percuil.

Everyone rafted up alongside and then funnily enough we found a few bottles of French wine lurking in the bilges. Rude not to…..


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