Wednesday 03/08/11 L’Aber-Ildut: Getting ready to go home

We’d hoped to head off for England today, but the forecasts last night really weren’t looking that great so we decided to get a few jobs done on Planet to get her looking pretty for our return home. It’s funny, but now that we’re here at our hopping off point for home we’re getting impatient to be on our way, but as sod’s law has it the wind seems to be determined to stay in the north.

This morning was glorious and we wondered briefly why we didn’t decide to go. But we put a coat of paint down on the deck to smarten it up a bit, and no sooner had it tacked off (luckily!) than the mist and the rain rolled in and we were pleased we’d stayed put.

Last night we went ashore for a meal and loath to put Satellite together only to have to take her all apart again and stow her ready for the crossing, we went for the high risk approach of putting one half in the water and paddling it against the tide while carrying a laptop. Fortunately the pontoon was quite close.

We wandered around a bit, grabbed showers, looked in the chandlery and chatted to the harbour master about the weather. When we explained we were going to stay another night he refused to charge us, on the basis that it was down to bad weather and not our fault. What a nice man.

L’Aberildut is lovely and I think we’ll come back here when we’re next in Brittany. It’s the same distance from home as L’Aberwrac’h on the north coast, where we’ve always stopped before, but gives us a better heading towards home with northerlies forecast.

By this afternoon the mist had turned to fog so we swallowed our impatience to get home and see everyone and reminded ourselves to be grateful that we weren’t somewhere mid Channel dodging shipping drenched and cold. Fingers crossed for the forecast tomorrow….


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