Wednesday 27/07/11 Lorient to Benodet

We had a lovely sail out of the Lorient estuary this morning and as far as the mouth where the wind died. The rest of the day was mostly a motor, past huge numbers of other boats out sailing and making the most of the weather to head across to the Iles Glenans, off Concarneau. We were tempted to stop in at both places, but as the Glenans looked to be more masts than islands with the number of boats already anchored there at lunchtime, and the weather looked good for making progress in the next few days before it goes northerly again, we decided to go as far as Benodet.

The tide’s pretty strong in the Odet estuary and river, but not so much that we couldn’t make headway although it was ebbing when we arrived. We decided to risk it and go alongside at the marina briefly to get fuel before heading to a nice looking anchorage further up river for the night. It wasn’t the easiest of parks with the currents, but we got alongside fine and went to find a shut fuel pontoon for our efforts.

Luckily there was a petrol station not too far away in town, so we had a lovely walk along the river with our cans, past disintegrating fishing boats and that oh so homely smell of rotting seaweed and low tide mud.

The anchorage we found was very lovely; quiet, sheltered, peaceful, good holding and free. What more can you ask for?


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