Tuesday 26/07/11 Port Tudy, Ile de Groix to Lorient

Yesterday we sailed over to Lorient, where we are now, past a couple of interesting boats coming the other way, and on up the estuary until we were just off the main town harbour itself. We’d arranged to meet our friends Fabienne and Christophe here, whom we’d originally met in Greece. That was over a year ago, and in the meantime they and their two children have sailed back as far as here and are now preparing their boat Lanpaul for another, longer trip.

We mentioned dropping in on them when we got to this stage of our journey home, and it has been fantastic to see them again. The world of people sailing around and living on their boats is quite a large one, but the world of people doing that on small boats is definitely a small one, and the world of young people sailing around on small boats is even smaller. So when we met each other, along with two other friends Tom and Barbara, also in the same category, we were delighted to find each other and virtually cordoned of our area of the quay to our little group of kindred spirits for the few days that were there! Sharing the achievement of sailing back from Greece with Fabienne and Christophe and swapping stories has been very special indeed.

Today we borrowed a couple of bikes from the marina here and cycled around Lorient, looking for paint and other things. In fact, what we realised we were looking for when we got back to Planet was Trago Mills, or at least somewhere with the price and range of Trago, the likes of which are unique and to be cherished. We did find two expensive boat shops, one excellent cooperative maritime selling fishing equipment and stylish French sowesters and plenty of time on our way home along the dock road to moan about the swindlery of chandleries and vow to never set foot in one again. Tomorrow we’re on our way again and heading as far as Benodet and from there to Audierne and through the Raz de Sein.


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