Monday 25/07/11 Ile de Groix

Fortunately, Groix has turned out to be one of the nicest places we have stopped in at on our trip. Port Tudy, the main harbour, is full of interesting boats and turns out to be a bit of a mecca for traditional boats. The main village is a little walk up from the harbour but has everything you need, and there are bars and small shops around the harbour itself. One of these is a workshop and studio which belongs to William, the owner of the Heard 28 on her legs on the hard outside. William paints, carves and builds things out of wood and makes the most beautiful and accurate models of traditional boats. His father wrote a history of the island and William is full of interesting stories about Groix. We exchanged notes about Heards, visited each others boats and then William and his family invited us to their home and we had a wonderful evening eating good food and drinking good wine in excellent company. It is these moments of real kindness and friendship that we will treasure most from our trip.

We managed to get a couple of jobs done on Planet in preparation for our return home, then decided to get ready to head to Lorient, where friends we made in Levkas over a year ago had returned to on their boat since. But the best places are hard to leave and we were racking our brains for a reason why we needed to stay on another night when we looked up and saw our friends on Erin heading in. That decided things and we stayed another night and spent some time catching up on the places we’d been since we last saw each other and exchanging plans and forecasts for the rest of the journey home. Paul and Jim offered to introduce us to the Ty Beudeuff, a bar in Port Tudy they knew from previous visits. It’s as close to a proper pub as you’ll get away from home, and we spent a lovely evening chatting as the bar filled up and a shanty singer arrived. Soon everyone was singing and although there were a few song sheets being passed around, people seemed to know the songs and the words well, including those to Dirty Old Town, which came as a bit of a surprise…

I wish I’d got a few more photos of Groix now that I come to uploading them here. The one here doesn’t do it justice, but I think we were having too much fun to take any more! I suppose it makes a good excuse for another visit soon….


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