Friday 22/07/11 Sauzon, Belle Ile to Port Tudy, Ile de Groix

Happy Birthday to me! We had a quiet, sunny and peaceful motor into what little wind there was between Sauzon and Port Tudy on Ile de Groix. There were dolphins, there was some sunshine, there was an autopilot and nothing much happened, which was about as perfect as it could get for a birthday morning.

So we drank coffee and I opened birthday presents, and we prepared ourselves for some seafood and Muscadet once we got to Groix and felt very contented indeed. Or perhaps that should be smug…

They say it’s not over til the fat lady sings. The paper lady from Saint Goustan may not have been that fat, but she has most certainly sung. After arriving in Port Tudy, we got chatting to some old boys on the quay while trying to ascertain who owned the beautiful Heard 28 sitting on her legs in the inner harbour. We have the same boat, we explained. A blue one. We’re in the avant port. There was a general exchange of knowing looks and smiles. Ah yes. You’ve come from Saint Goustan. Oh no. Really? Why do you know this? I think we both had a fair idea why. It was a similar feeling to the one you get when someone is gleefully regaling you with details of your hilarious wine induced antics the night before when you have already woken up that morning with the grim realisation that it was not all in fact a dream. Obviously this has never actually happened to me. I’ve just heard about it from friends.

And here is the reason for our fame: Le Telegramme, local rag, seemingly in every bar in Brittany. And the best bit about this little birthday present was that they put the photo on the back page, so that even if you weren’t actually going to read the paper, you would still definitely see it. You can also find a copy of the article here, filed under ‘misc’ and ‘shipwrecks’. Sacré bleu.


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