Wednesday 20/07/2011 Vannes to Ile d’Arz, Golfe du Morbihan

We finally left Vannes today after a very enjoyable week there. We never intended to stop so long, but we arrived to the happy coincidence of a message on our phones from a good friend of ours from home who has a house nearby, so we took the opportunity to have a lovely catch up and a nice hot bath in a warm dry house while the rain bucketed it down outside.

We decided we’d leave yesterday having got a few bits of admin done and a bit of painting while the rain held off. But the road bridge that lifts to let boats out of the basin we are in refused to open at the appointed time, and so were stuck until the evening. By the time the evening’s bridge and gate opening time approached people were champing at the bit, which was quite funny. The rumour went round that the bridge was open so we all filed out and milled around for a bit, until eventually someone came on the radio to say that it was in fact shut, and would not be opening. By this time we were pretty keen to stay another night in Vannes, although less keen to pay for another night as we were by now feeling skint after our extended stay, so the situation suited us fine.

By this morning the bridge was fixed. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t, and by the time we were through the bridge and free again, a great cloud of mizzle had descended and we were soaked. In the absence of being able to see very much at all we decided to head back to the mooring we’d picked up before by Arradon, and wait there for it to clear.

By this afternoon the tide turned and it was looking brighter so we moved on to another anchorage to the south of Ile d’Arz or Arse Island as most other English people presumably call it. This time the anchorage was actually an anchorage, and although there were a few moorings there was plenty of space outside them to anchor without being exposed to the full force of the tide. The holding was good, the sky cleared and it turned into a lovely evening. Tomorrow we’ll head out of the Golfe and start heading north.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 20/07/2011 Vannes to Ile d’Arz, Golfe du Morbihan

  1. Hello Si & Cat
    Had an easy short hop run form Groix to Laberwrach then 20hrs cross the channel back to Looe some sail some motor, plenty of rain. Now making ready with Mags my wife for a trip to the Scillies weather permitting. Glad you enjoyed the book, give us a call when you get back to Cornwall. All the best. Paul from “Erin”.

    • Hi Paul
      Great to hear from you. We’re back home now too, after a lovely end to our trip and a good trip across from L’Aberildut to Helford, then home to Percuil. I’ll post some photos up here soon – we haven’t done anything useful since we got home….keep getting kidnapped by our friends and taken to the pub. I’ll email the photos of Erin to you and Jim as soon as I get a chance. Let us know if you end up down our way on your trip down to the Scillies – it’d be great to catch up soon.

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