Tuesday 12/07/2011 Larmor Baden to Arradon, Golfe du Morbihan

We ended up moving from our anchorage last night and picking up a nearby vacant mooring buoy, as the tide turned and our holding became questionable. We were just thinking about popping ashore to explore when the harbour master came along and asked us and Erin to move. He offered us another mooring, but realising that the tide was favourable for heading into the Golfe, we decided to head on. The spot we’d been in was reasonably sheltered from the tides, which even at neaps are strong here. But just beyond our little bay was a channel where the tide was running strongly and so we had a view of boats being swept along at twice as fast as their normal speed in one direction or the other, depending on the ebb or the flood. It was a bit like being parked in a layby on a B road with a view of the M6. We headed out onto the motorway and found it to be fine and pleasantly quick, once we’d merged with the other traffic.

Given the forecast for northerlies, we looked at our chart and found a nice looking anchorage just west of Arradon, where an island to the south and mainland to the north would give us good shelter. Once again we found that the anchorage was almost completely full of moorings, apart from in spots that were too shallow. So we picked up a free mooring and set about going through Planet lockers and checking for any damage from the bench, in the hope that nobody would come to move us on. I am pleased to report that after turning the entire boat upside down, and hunting down every inch of the hull, we found no more damage than a small amount to the bonding holding one of the bookshelves on. Phew. Next time we dry Planet out, in a nice secluded spot, we’ll touch up her paintwork outside, but other than that she’s all good. Touch fibreglass.


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