Monday 11/07/2011 Saint Goustan to Larmor Baden, Golfe du Morbihan

We left Saint Goustan this morning, grateful to watch it slip out of sight behind us as we wound back down the Auray river and out into a very peaceful Golfe de Morbihan. It was a beautiful day and there were quite a few boats drifting aorund under sail. We chugged along with Satellite behind us and looked for a good anchorage for the night.

The forecast was for fresh north winds, so we tucked ourselves in behind a couple of islands off the village of Larmor Baden and anchored outside the moorings next to a rather familiar looking boat. She turned out to be a very fine Looe lugger who we’d in fact seen in Fowey about two years ago, the day we left Cornwall at the beginning of our trip. The boys invited us for a cup of tea and we went on board to the welcome sound of voices from home. Turns out we know each others’ neighbours. It’s a small world.


2 thoughts on “Monday 11/07/2011 Saint Goustan to Larmor Baden, Golfe du Morbihan

  1. Hey Cat & Si,

    Thanks for the Tunsian spice mix, it’s fantastic! I have a pic of Erin and Planet together in Groix if you want it. Did you get a pic of Ty Bedeuff? (don’t think that’s how you spell it tho)

    • Hi Jim! Lovely to hear from you. Would love photos of Planet and Erin in Groix and Ty Beudeuff too if you’ve got them. I’ll drop you an email with copies of our photos asap. Hope you had a good trip back – no doubt we will see you around soon! P.S. Just received copy of Paul’s first book in the post from Amazon having both read the other one and really enjoyed it. Can you pass on our thanks please?

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