Thursday 07/07/2011 Le Palais, Belle Ile

Le Palais is absolutely lovely and the perfect place to arrive in after a long crossing. When you arrive in a different country under you own steam/sail it’s nice to be reminded of that fact. If you get somewhere and the first thing you see is a shopping centre and a McDonalds it sort of ruins it a bit. But here is perfect. Bicycles, baguettes, stripy jumpers and moules in plentiful supply, as well as accordion music, strangely Cornish looking place names and cider to remind us that we are not only in France, we are in Brittany. After a good siesta yesterday we went to seek out a meal. It started to rain and it was a bit chilly in that way that everything is when you are ridiculously tired. On our walk round to the town from the outer harbour, we conjured up our ideal place for dinner. It involved carpets, a fire, hot homemade food and some nice wine. And we found it. The first place we walked into was called La Goeland (it’s the pink building in the photo below, nearest the quay). It was toasty and warm, there was one table for two left, and there were oak logs burning on a fire with steaks and fish grilling over it. We had the most delicious meal and just managed not to fall asleep on the comfy seats before stumbling back to Planet and sleeping for about ten hours.

Today has been slow but very pleasant. We had an amazing shower, wandered around the market and browsed the shops. Tomorrow we’ll head off and go towards the Golfe de Morbihan and then we’ll probably spend the next week or two hopping around the islands and the rivers there before making our way north and homewards.


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