Monday 20/06/2011 Cudillero to Gijón

We are currently motoring along into a rising sun, about twenty miles from Gijón. The autopilot is on, Si is Brassoing the stove and Piglet is napping. But then, when isn’t he?  Looking at the plotter I can tell you that we are, as the crow flies, 395 nautical miles from our mooring in Percuil and 290 from Brest. We’ll either go straight to Brittany from Gijón, or if it makes more sense with the weather, to Santander and then across from there. But first, and very excitingly, my mum is coming to visit us in Gijón, so I will take up the blog again in ten days or so, once we leave!


2 thoughts on “Monday 20/06/2011 Cudillero to Gijón

  1. 395 miles! You are getting close, and I’m definitely not racing you from the Azores! 😛 Planet certainly doesn’t need over 800 miles of head-start – or indeed any..

  2. Hi you two,
    Saw Paul yesterday and passed on your thanks. They’ll probably be in touch via the blog at some point. I need a email address to send you the piccy’s

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