Tuesday 14/06/2011 Cedeira to Bares

It boded very well when we left Cedeira this morning and managed to sail most of our way out, and then half way to Cabo Ortegal. The forecast was good for wind with us all the way, and we were even expecting to reef later on, but instead the wind disappeared and by eleven o’clock we’d got everything down again and were motoring along. It’s never the end of the world to get the main up and then down again, but it is a bit annoying and does not sit well with my natural laziness especially when you’ve just done a good stow. Cabo Ortegal and Punta Estaca de Bares seem to be wind magnets, judging by the recent forecasts; the kind of places it’s as well to add a couple of forces of wind to compared to everywhere else in the area, just to be safe.

So when the wind picked up a bit after passing Ortegal and laziness prevailed, it turned out to be a good thing. We thought about putting the main up, but didn’t fancy getting it down again if the wind came to nothing, so instead tried motorsailing with the staysail first, on the basis that if it the breeze died again we wouldn’t have wasted much energy. As it was the wind increased enough for us to be doing about four knots under staysail alone, so we killed the engine and got the jib out. She was going along really well under just headsails, but the wind kept shifting more behind us until we tried goosewinging her just to see what she’d do.*

As it turned out Planet loved it, and we made six knots with just the jib and staysail up, all the way round Punta Estaca de Bares with very little effort on our part. I am all in favour of that.

We thought about heading to the Ria de Vivero today, but after perusing the almanac we decided the ria just before it, just around the corner from the headland sounded very nice, so instead we turned the corner and anchored for the night just off the beach at Bares.

It is very pretty here and until about an hour ago we were the only ones here, before two other yachts turned up. The beach is beautiful and if it were a bit warmer I’d swim, but instead we are lazing in the sun on the cockpit cushions and looking forward to another good sail tomorrow.

*Goosewinging is when you have one sail one side and one the other, because the wind is directly behind you. You see, it’s not as dirty as it sounds.


One thought on “Tuesday 14/06/2011 Cedeira to Bares

  1. The twin headsails look good. I’m a firm believer in not putting the mainsail up if it doesn’t seem completely necessary – no worrying about gybing and less noise.
    Planet’s sounding excited to get back home – ‘6 knots’ seems to be cropping up rather a lot!

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