Monday 13/06/2011 La Coruña to Ría de Cedeira

We woke up this morning to a rather grey La Coruña. Si was reminiscing last night about coming here during Tall Ships 2000 on John Laing, the Ocean Youth Trust ketch he used to work on as bosun. I asked him what he remembered of La Coruña and the first thing that came to mind was rain. I don’t if that jinxed it, but the smug sunshine we were basking in yesterday evening had turned to rain by this morning and we were in two minds as to whether to go. It poured for a bit, and then began to clear, so by the time we’d decided to leave it was almost a tiny bit sunny. Well, not really, but at least it was dry.

We started off with a good sail, but the wind died away to almost nothing, leaving us lurching around in the swell quite slowly until we eventually caved, got the main down and motored in to the Ria de Cedeira. Not before we’d passed a little fishing boat and been inspired to put some mackerel lines out though. We’ve worked out by now that if we want to catch fish we should be totally unprepared; no bucket out, no knife. Preferably start doing some other important job. Then they’ll come. It started with one on Si’s line just before we tried to get the main down. Then I got one as we were trying to stow the sail…and so it continued until we had a total of five decent mackerel and we decided we wouldn’t be able to eat any more than that in the next few days and stopped.

From the west, the Ria de Cedeira is unnervingly hard to see, and it isn’t until you get closer that the cliffs start to open and up and show the entrance to what looks like quite a small inlet until you’re really quite close. It wasn’t hard to get into, with good transits and landmarks (and ahem…the chartplotter) but it was one of those where you’re really looking forward to being able to turn away from the rocks in front of you and onto the leading line in. But eventually we did, and it was blissfully quiet once we tucked ourselves in and turned into a lovely, well sheltered and large anchorage. Unfortunately the rain started up again just before we managed to dive below, but we dried out quite quickly in time to cook mackerel curry and enjoy not moving at all.


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