Sunday 12/06/2011 Muxia to La Coruña

The forecast turned out to be good so we headed on to La Coruña today. The wind was with us for the first time in ages and we enjoyed a quick sail down to the Islas Sisargas with two reefs in the main. Around lunch time the wind dropped, so we donked it for a bit and took it in turns to sleep.

La Coruña came into sight on the horizon and we watched a yacht pass us going in the other direction, for once with the satisfaction of knowing we were the ones going the ‘right’ way with the wind. The only problem with approaching large ports is that they tend to be visible for a while, so that once the initial excitement wears off ‘are we nearly there yet?’ syndrome tends to set in, particularly if motoring. So we played a ridiculous game of ‘guess the theme tune’ to amuse each other, which ended with an earnest discussion about the rules of The Crystal Maze and what the best strategy would be if you were a participant. Overall I scored low on the game, but I have added The Adventures of Portland Bill* to a list of childhood TV and films I have not seen and should have done. It’s quite a long list…


We arrived safely in La Coruña and had much needed showers. Having been at anchor for a few days we had also more or less run out of fresh food, so we decided that as it was Sunday and the supermarkets were shut, we’d treat ourselves to a meal out in celebration of arriving here. La Coruña has long been a port of call for sailors heading across Biscay and further afield, so we were quite excited to get here. We found a very nice place to eat, and decided to try a plate of fruits de mer, for which Galicia is reknowned. As Simon delighted in pointing out, in terms of body count per meal, we made quite an environmental impact. Amongst the various shells and crustacean, there was an appearance from the percebe, or goose barnacle as I believe they are called in English. They look like deformed pigeon legs and feet, and are gathered from the rocks at great personal risk to the harvester. Personal I didn’t think they were all that, and I certainly wouldn’t risk my life for one, but each to their own. The rest was delicious.


*I’ve just watched an episode on youtube. It’s amazing, like a nautical Postman Pat. AND there’s a character called Finisterre….



One thought on “Sunday 12/06/2011 Muxia to La Coruña

  1. Bet he would not have got “Fraggle Rock”? Or better yet “Tizwas”?

    Lots of love Val xx

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