Saturday 28/05/2011 Nazare to Figueira da Foz


We left Nazare this morning at six o’clock this morning amidst groans from both of us about how early it was and how sleepy and tired we both were. The swell had died quite a bit but there were still some fairly big waves to go through. Our hopes of getting to Figueira da Foz (about 30 miles away) for lunch became obviously somewhat optimistic as we motored slowly into what wind there was. Happily though, once we’d eaten breakfast and watched two other large boats zoom past also heading north, the breeze began to back which meant we could motor sail and get somewhere. So we tacked up and down a couple of times, keeping inshore where there is north going current and after a while we were making a good line for Figueira da Foz at about four knots, which was not bad at all, and fast progress by our recent standards!  It threatened to rain. It did rain, then stopped again and we got into Figueira da Foz at around five o’clock without too much trouble. Also without too much conversation or enthusiasm, as we’d accidentally picked up cheap coffee in the supermarket and as such were left with undrinkable granules that tasted of hot petrol and which both of us threw away after two sips. As a result, we were barely able to speak by the time we got here this afternoon.


Figueira do Foz is a funny sounding place, but appears to in fact have no connection with the Happy Days master of cool as we were speculating on the way over before the effects of caffeine withdrawal became apparent. The Fonz is not to be seen, but the mosquitos are, so we have been adding to the corpses that accumulated in the saloon following the Nazare massacre, when a cloud of them flew in through the hatch last night. We may have got a couple of bites, but they must have rued the day they stepped on Planet.


We managed to find shops and much needed showers, as well a seesaw and some swings, which had a go on (Age 3-14, on the basis that there are some much fatter fourteen year olds around) while we waited for the marina man to turn up. Then the heavens opened while were on our way to the supermarket, and we ran to the nearest café for shelter because it was so torrential we would have been drenched through in seconds. This would have happened especially quickly given the state of some of our clothes.

For some reason, getting to Gibraltar seemed to coincide with trousers, shorts and shoes falling apart. To be fair, sailing for nearly two years is pretty hard work if you are clothes, and withstanding sitting on non-slip surfaces while heeling and then surviving the rigours of commercial washing machines is a little too much to ask. I thought we’d managed to get rid of any items that were more holes than fabric, but then I noticed Si’s t-shirt….


Anyway, by the time the rain passed most of the shops were shut and instead we got charcoal barbecued chilli and lemon chicken from the best churrasqueira and now we’re crossing fingers that the rain will be gone by tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Saturday 28/05/2011 Nazare to Figueira da Foz

  1. Wow, you’ve made great progress. I’m catching up after being out of touch for a bit – finally made it out of Las Palmas and I’m in Madeira now. Unfortunately I need a wind vane spare part so think it’ll be a while before I get to the Azores.

    • Hi Pete! Also catching up having not had internet for a while… Really pleased to have got this far, and have had some lovely sailing and anchorages recently. Well done on getting to Madeira – just been reading about your trip on the blog and it sounds like you had plenty to keep you busy. Very impressed at your culinary achievements on passage! Hope you get the wind vane part soon. Have a good trip to the Azores when you go. Are you planning on going straight from there to Falmouth or are you going to stay around there for a while? Take care xx

  2. Hi, hope you are still enjoying yourselves, Planet still looks good. Have just thought of a song that you should be singing each day to help you on your way, “Blow The Wind Southerly, Southerly,etc. Hope it helps!

    All the best & have a safe trip, Adrian & Lesley.

    • Hi Adrian and Lesley! Still having a great time thanks. Just updating the blog after getting up to the north coast of Spain. Funny you should mention it but that song popped into my head half way up the Portuguese coast and it must have done something because we’ve had south westerlies for the past week or so, which has been lovely! Hope you’re getting some good sailing this year. Planet sends her love! All the best from us both too x

  3. Hi Cat and Simon,

    I’ve finally got round to checking out your site – good to catch up with where you’ve got to.

    I got to Cadiz on 3 June and am now lazing around with my wife Val at our son’s place near Arcos. Azores crew due to arrive on the 30th.

    I will continue to watch you progress with interest.

    All the best

    Derek (your Peniche neighbour)
    PS – Could you remind me of the traditional restaurant in Arcos you recommended.

    • Hi Derek, Really good to hear from you. Tried replying to this earlier but don’t think it sent but sorry if you get it it twice. Well done on getting to Cadiz – hope you had a good trip up. We’re in Galicia now and having a lovely time. Just updating the blog now that we’ve finally got some internet and time! The place we like in Arcos is Bar/Hostal San Marcos. It’s in Calle Marques del Torresoto, just on the corner as you walk down from the Mirador and the square where the Parador is in the direction of the new town. It’s about two minutes from the Parador from memory. I hope it’s still good; we were last there a couple of years ago, but they’ve always done good homemade Andalucian food with no frills. Enjoy your time there and have a good trip to the Azores when you go. We’ll look out for you in Falmouth if you’re heading that way – we’ll be back in August sometime! All the very best from us both.

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