A bit of an update…..

Well, we have finally left Gibraltar! We’re now in Portugal and having a lovely time. I have lots of photos to put up and all the stories of our trip since the last post and I have sat down three or four times in the last week to update the blog, but each time I have fallen asleep. This is not a reflection of the interestingness of our adventures or of the quality of the writing (I hope). It’s more that we’ve had some nice weather recently so we’ve been moving along as much as possible, and arriving at places late, or getting there early after not much sleep. So any free time has been spent filling up with water, walking to get diesel and trying to see a little bit of the place we have arrived in. But I promise I will find fast internet and keep my eyes open soon. If in the meantime you want to save yourselves the hassle of checking back here for new posts, you can subscribe by entering your email in the box on the bottom right hand side and I believe this emails you to say when I have added something new. I do hate to think of you all coming here and being disappointed or thinking I have forgotten about you all.

P.S. Right, I’m getting there! Not the fastest internet so uploading photos is taking a little while, but I’ve updated the map and I’m adding posts as quickly as the pictures load. They’ll all come up below this post, with the dates of when they happened, so scroll down to read what we’ve been doing…..


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