Monday 23/05/2011 Sesimbra to Cascais

We’ve just arrived in Cascais, which is pronounced with shs so it sounds like some kind of discount supermarket. It’s actually very nice looking, although we’re going to stay on Planet and catch up on sleep rather than going ashore. All this motoring has made Planet thirsty (although thankfully nowhere near as much as some of the other boats we have seen passing us on the way up), so we filled up with fuel at the marina and then went over to anchor off the beach. It’s a glorious sunny day, having been chilly in the north wind this morning, and it’s the first time since Greece we’ve had to soak the decks with sea water to stop the soles of our feet from burning.

The beach is full of people sunbathing and skitting around on pedalos, which in Portugal come complete with an overhead slide. The journey up was easy enough and the autopilot was brilliant. We passed the tall ship Sagres in the anchorage at Sesimbra and motored up the coast and across the mouth of the Tagus past a couple of dolphins, and made it into Cascais before the breeze got up for the day.

The weather’s looking good to do a longer hop north tomorrow, so we’re off again just before dawn, and heading up towards Nazare and Peniche. The only thing perturbing me is the forest of lobster pots along the coast that we passed on our way in. But, as Simon always says, they go away at night.



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